circa 1962

American Oak. Our American oak is sourced from the slow-growth forests in the Ozark region of the central United States. This region, where the thin, rocky soil and the competition from the thick undergrowth, combined with the climate of the Mid-West, produce ideal growing conditions for the formation of tight, straight-grained timber. Commonly referred to as "the tightest grain American oak available today," our American oak staves and heading typically have 2-3 more growth rings per inch than those made available by other suppliers.

French Oak. Our French oak is sourced from the premier forest regions of Vosges and Central France, known for straight and fine-grain timber. As a result of the French government's forestry management of these areas, the trees tend to be taller, straighter, and older. Once the trees have been selected and purchased by our team of log buyers, they go into production at our stave mill in Monthureux, France.

Eastern European Oak. SAI sources prime European oak from several slow growth forests in Eastern Europe. The fine grain material that comes from these forests provide an economical alternative to the more common French oak. Our experienced staff in France performs a rigorous quality control inspection of each and every truckload upon arrival to our facility. This inspection ensures that you will receive only the most desirable and select staves and heading from Eastern Europe.