Rough Staves & Heading

Rough Staves & HeadingThe quality, and subsequently the sales, of our rough staves and heading has greatly increased since the construction of two new state-of-the-art export stave production facilities. One facility in the Vosges region in France, manufactures French oak material and the other located in the Ozark mountain region of Missouri in the US, produces our American oak. Our facilities' design focus is to fabricate the most precisely manufactured export staves and heading available in today's global market. Each facility is capable of providing staves and heading cut to specific length, width, and thickness.

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Finished Sets

One of our most economical and popular products are finished sets. Our finished sets are custom made and produced to match your barrel specifications. Our worldwide SAI customer support team will work with your company on site to ensure that our sets fit your needs.

Our staves are planed, jointed, and shipped ready for barrel assembly. Our heading is planed and can be either flat jointed or cut with a tongue and groove joint. We also match out each head to ensure a perfect balance of short and long heading. Flagging, pinning, and circling the heading squares are optional. Sets are available with 12 to 24 months of wood age and can be finished at either our US or French facility.

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Oak Alternatives

In order to be a full service supplier to the cooperage industry, we are now offering oak stock for the production of tank staves and oak chips. Please contact us for more details.